This is a luxury tracksuit with a range of yellow leftover fabrics. ¿Why not wear a tracksuit in a gala if the tracksuit can look divine too? It is more comfortable and at the same time it creates a shock for being groundbreaking.

The look is composed of:

- An asymmetric jumper with a V neck and puffed sleeves. It has one of the faces of my drawing's collection, made with leftovers too, fixed in the jumper as a textile embroidery.

- A pair of very puffed trousers. High waist. Made in the same combination of yellow range leftovers.

- A super large and wide coat made from super small pieces of black and white leftovers, they are put together as a mosaic, creating a chessboard print. The inside of the coat is made with a different patchwork technique, with B&W printed fabrics.

- You can combine the coat with the red belt in the picture. It is made from red leftover fabrics.

No need to care, we share it's a wonderful, wonderful life.
Look how wonderful I am, I am 70.

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