Fall Winter 2020

It is a sustainable collection. All fabrics are obtained from other brands or fabric companies that were going to throw them. By joining the small pieces with patchwork I've redesigned the fabrics to create the pieces for this collection.
Age Revolution
My muses are those divine grannies who don't mind what people would think about their external look. They are faces of a whole life, their wrinkles, their bodies... are beautiful, I would even say art. I want to express how I see them through my collection and my drawings. Because, What is it that makes someone beautiful, no matter the age or the wealth? Is easier to say that it looks better when you are looking at someone young. But if someone is in their 70s or 80s or 90s, or 100s.., well, it is more elusive/awkward, right?. In any case more challenging. I want to empower these ones that are more invisible and at the same time have the most to offer.

The women whom my collection is focused on have a strong thought in mind: "They don't waste with the aim of just waste, but rather to stand out. They pay attention to every element that they use to decorate their bodies, either one is different, special and unexpectedly astonishing. They are who they want to be, they shine for their strong personality and whatever they can be told of their aspect, they simply don't care."

To be old is to be experienced, wise, and advanced - Ari Seth Cohen.
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