Ok.. so now I have to explain this look! A little bit crazy, to be honest/I know, this (kind of ) impossible colour and fabric mix. All of these baroque fabrics and then the other delicate and flower-printed ones, combined with the colourful knit jumper... But let me just say, it is one of my favourite looks, I ended loving this impossible combination.

The look is composed of..

- A huge knit jumper. It has a colour grid print made with intarsia. In the front there is a face made with embroidered knitting.

- An asymmetric skirt made from different light fabrics, also leftovers from fabric companies in London, mainly. The skirt has different layers with different lengths which gives/allows more movement to the garment.

- The coat is made from baroque fabrics obtained from leftovers in the textile company Teixits Durant (Sabadell). It is composed of two different coats: the inner one has long sleeves that appear from the armhole of the outer coat, which has no sleeves.

Just go and pick up the umbrella, it's raining man, aleluya! It's raining man!

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