This dress is very significant in the collection. It reminds me of the sevillian dresses in Spain. It has dark colours but also some contrasts that have their meaning.

It is made of leftover fabrics from a textile company in London, where they always give away the fabrics that they are not going to use anymore to UAL university. This way the students can use them in different projects of fashion. We should all learn from them and instead of throwing them, thinking of different ways to keep them alive. And obviously it's easier for the students because they don't have to waste/spend so much money on fabrics.

The dress represents the drawing of a deconstructed body. Because of age it is obvious that the body goes through lots of changes, which doesn't necessarily mean that isn't beauty. Actually, for me it is, and it's what I want to transmit with my collection, to show these bodies as natural art.

Hey darling, I won't ever tell you what to do, I'm not your mum. Not only me but anyone, don't let let them drive your live, be free to do what you want at every moment.
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