The most intellectual look. This is boldness and empowerment. I see it as getting dressed as a way to express yourself, so it is a language, in a way. No matter the age, no matter the gender, what extremely matters is who really is inside this skin.

The look is composed of..

- An asymmetric shirt with huge neck and long asymmetric sleeves.

- A suit jacket with very wide shoulders. The body of the garment is asymmetric in the same way all the look is. The patchwork used to create this fabric seems an ear of wheat, made from the same leftovers as the shirt and the trousers.

- The trousers have asymmetric length legs. They have wide hips and high waists.

Every fabric is made by lots of small pieces sewed into the blue and green range, collected from brands and fabric companies in London and Barcelona. When companies cut the patterns, there are lots of leftovers that will be thrown, that's why finding a way to give them a second life is so rewarding for me.

While everyone is dancing in the floor, stand up and dance in the tables! ¿Why not? Show you're different!
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