This look is one of the most significant looks of the collection. Very colourful. It is thought to be worn by women that want to be authentic and unique.

The look is composed of..

- A midi red dress with long sleeves. It has the detail on the neck and cuffs that are made from another type of fabrics in green.

- Straight trousers, high waist. Made in green fabrics of flower prints.

- A fur coat that is made from lots of fur pieces from a fabric company in Shepherd's Bush, London. It has a face in the back inspired by my collection of grannie drawings.

Every fabric is made by lots of small/tiny pieces, recollected from brands and fabric companies in London and Barcelona. When companies cut the patterns, there are lots of leftovers that will be thrown and that is exactly why finding a way to give them a second life is so rewarding for me.

You can dance. You can jive. Having the time of your life.
See that girl. Watch that scene. Dig in the dancing queen!

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